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Born and raised in Louisiana, Missouri, Ken Harrison is no stranger to traditional Midwestern values, family pride and a strong sense of self, and he has set himself apart in today’s real estate world by adhering to these well founded ideals. After graduating from Missouri State University, Ken opened the doors of his business and began his 30 year long career in insurance sales, taking a high amount of pride in providing security and protection to his clients and their loved ones. Upon moving to Palm Springs, he was naturally drawn to Real Estate, enjoying the fact that he could play an important role in assisting families find the home of their dreams. Over the past 10 years, Ken has thrived as a real estate agent in the Coachella Valley, providing sound advice and an incredible sense of dedication to each of his clients, many of whom have kept a friendly correspondence with him long after their transactions were completed.

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This site was last updated Aug-13-2022.

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This site was last updated Aug-13-2022.
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