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Bob Young has worked in real estate all over California for the past 25+ years. He has an extensive and varied background, not only in residential real estate, but commercial and businesses as well. He first began his real estate career working at the Russian River area starting off with residential and seasonal homes. He learned in a down market and soon was listing both residential and commercial real estate. He bought a coffeehouse, Coffee Bazaar, learned to roast coffee while doing real estate. Herth Real Estate, now Vanguard Properties, opened an office next to his Coffeehouse to take advantage of the foot traffic. He represented both buyers and sellers on such iconic properties as Fife’s Resort, Rainbow Cattle Company and the former Triple R Resort. He was recruited by Herth Real Estate and expanded his career to San Francisco. Bob was involved in many Castro St transactions from 440 to Twin Peaks Bars. He became an expert in liquor license purchases and transfers. He was involved in condominium projects in San Francisco. He’s sold commercial properties and bars in Los Angeles, and homes and condos in Palm Springs. In the past 3 years he’s been in the Washington DC area. He is licensed in California, Maryland and Virginia.. Bob likes to say “ this realtor isn’t an app, but I can use apps and all technology to strategize in an ever changing market.” He has a passion for real estate.

He also has a passion for helping his community. He was appointed to and served as Chair of the Sonoma Commission on Human Rights, and was elected to a local water board. He is also passionate about his dogs and works to support his sister’s Gold Country Wildlife Rescue project.

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This site was last updated Aug-10-2022.
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